Testing Capabilities

BIW Connector Systems' state-of-the art lab equipment and capabilities allow us to deliver key benefits to customers worldwide, including:
  • Improved product reliability from more rigorous and thorough testing
  • Reduced turnaround time on DIFAs
  • More accurate information means better design decisions

Environmental Chambers Replicate Downhole Conditions 

BIW Connector Systems has two primary chambers capable of simultaneous 650o F / 10,000 psi and 500oF / 6,500 psi conditions, complete with pressure and temperature cycling. In both chambers, the electrical performance of the device can be monitored throughout the test, giving us invaluable insight into its performance. We also employ an oven capable of 1,200o F to test thermal expansion and a 20,000 psi pressure vessel to test mechanical and sealing mechanisms.

Testing Capabilities

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