Design Approach

At BIW Connector Systems, reliability and long product lifetimes are realized through our three-fold engineering strategy:

  1. The first is to Test Exhaustively. We test every product variation and every unique cable because our experience tells us this is necessary for world-class reliability.

  2. The second is to conduct extensive Forensic Analysis on all field returns to identify the root cause and help us implement design or manufacturing improvements.

  3. Finally, we maintain an electronic knowledge database of every test and investigation, making it easy for our engineers to access so they can practice Informed Design.

Test Exhaustively

Environmental chambers that closely replicate downhole conditions are essential to prove out product reliability. BIW Connector Systems has two primary chambers capable of simultaneous 650o F / 10,000 psi and 500o F / 6,500 psi conditions, with pressure and temperature cycling in each. In both chambers, electrical performance of the device can be monitored throughout the test, giving us valuable insight into its performance. We also employ an oven capable of 1,200o F (648o C) to test thermal expansion and a 20,000 psi pressure vessel to test mechanical and sealing mechanisms.

Forensic Analysis 

Products returned from in-service use in the field are systematically broken down, analyzed and documented. A formal report is produced and made available to our customers, along with communication on the improvements being made to ensure issues are fully resolved. We also use our multi-million dollar Materials Science Laboratory with a vast array of analytical equipment, which allows us to go beyond physical inspection to sophisticated material analysis.

Informed Design

We have great designers with the best tools and technology – that goes without saying. We have also invested in significant material science technology and created a common electronic knowledge database, enabling our designers to easily search aggregated information about past designs, tests and forensic analysis to apply to new products. This is our process and approach to Informed Design.


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