At BIW Connector Systems, quality design and engineering are in our DNA. When engineering and design are at the core of who you are and what you do, innovation and reliability follow suit. In the most challenging locations across the planet, you will find our high performance, highly ruggedized elastrometric and thermoplastic technology solutions performing reliably and consistently.

Great innovations come when  designers and engineers truly understand customer needs and industry trends.
At  BIW Connector Systems, we bring a breadth and depth of harsh environment mechanical design and material science expertise to every customer engagement. We are equally well-versed in the customer environment, with direct experience on the rig floor. Our designers regularly work with customers in the field to solve problems, install field trials of new technology and develop products that align with your needs.


Product reliability is critical in the upstream oil and gas production market. If any part of the production string fails, the well is down and valuable revenue opportunity is lost. At BIW Connector Systems, we invest heavily in design and testing to ensure our products can withstand the extreme, harsh environment of a production well.


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