BIW Learning Center’s Enhanced Training is Designed to Improve Product Installation & Customer Experience

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In January 2018, the BIW Learning Center introduced a restructured training format with an expanded scope of tools and videos that  significantly improve the training experience for our customers. 

All 400+ registered users of BIW’s Learning Center will now participate in the same learning path where they only need to complete two online basic training modules focusing on connector basics and using the Learning Center, followed by the respective product-specific modules.

Users will now also see shorter and more content-focused content and videos, making better and more efficient use of their time in the BIW Learning Center. This includes technique videos, which focus on the correct method to build the necessary skill competencies, as well as product videos that are more assembly-step specific. 

This marks a significant improvement of our previous training programs, where users watch multiple product videos with complex topics to earn product certifications.

With this structure, BIW is now able to customize the training modules assigned to users in specific locations. This includes training specific to not just the type of BIW products used in a particular location, but also training relevant to the kind of cables and the skills needed for assembling them correctly and safely.

The assigned courses and training are managed in close consultation with the customer Field Service Manager. 

 “It is our intention for the BIW Learning Center to support the business of our customers by working with Field Service Managers to create a step-change in the way training is performed in the industry, and to see that return to us and our customers in the form of a significantly improved quality of installations of our products,” said John Hirsekorn, director of engineering and marketing of BIW Connector Systems.

With the improvements, the BIW Learning Center strives to stay relevant to the busy needs of users.

“All training content and access to instruction manuals will be maintained at no charge for all of our existing BIW users, and made available 24/7 for field technicians to complete their training at their convenience,” John Hirsekorn said.

The BIW Learning Center is available to current BIW Connector Systems customers. Click here to get started. 

A simple and streamlined learning path for all users of the BIW Learning Center

The enhanced BIW Uni-Loktraining module is just one of the tools that will be available
in the new BIW Learning Center 

Click HERE to Download the NEW BIW Learning Center Sell Sheet 

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