At BIW Connector Systems, our commitment to developing and delivering quality products, solutions and services is unwavering.

That's why we can proudly say we supply the industry with the widest range of products manufactured under ISO 9001-2015, setting the standard for quality, reliability and ease-of-installation.

Our state-of-the art engineering, testing, and production capabilities, combined with high-performance elastomeric, thermoplastic and pressure-balancing technology, allow us to provide our customers with robust products that perform reliably in harsh environments.

We also certify our products through recognized test laboratories to worldwide specifications for hazardous location environments including the National Electric codes of the U.S. and Canada, ATEX and IEC, among others.

With a foundation of engineering excellence and our commitment to continous quality improvement, our legacy of innovation will continue to drive the development of breakthrough products, solutions and technology that meet the changing needs of a dynamic marketplace.

Download BIW Connector Systems' ISO Certification 


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