Tri-Lok Ultra Packer Penetrator Optimizes Production & Minimizes Costs, Even in the Harshest Environments

    Lesa Smith | BIW Connector Systems | 03 Jan, 2017


    For Oil Companies and Oil Service Companies operating in complex and high pressure environments such as deep water, optimizing production while minimizing costs is a continual challenge.  

    BIW Connector Systems’ new Tri-Lok Ultra with pressure-balanced k-PaC Technology is a robust, high performance packer penetrator system that helps operators solve this problem. It offers fast installation and long operating life in the most extreme conditions. This breakthrough solution is engineered to improve ESP reliability in the harshest environments and is specifically designed for use in environments, where ease of installation and long-term performance are essential.  

    • Environmental 6,000 psi & 204oC / 400oF
    • Electrical 5000 VAC, up to 180A
    • Meets High Voltage AC Test requirements of IEC60502-2
    • Ceramic pressure blocks
    • Metal-to-metal seals
    • Pressure-balanced cable terminations
    • Ease of installation
    • Long product lifetimes
    • Very high pressure applications
    • Withstands repeated decompression cycles
    • Oil Companies & Oil Service Companies
      • Deep offshore in-well ESP systems
      • Sea-floor caisson ESP systems
      • High Temperature oil wells
      • Wells with high intervention costs


Tri-Lok Ultra

Our new Tri-Lok Ultra is a robust, high performance packer penetrator designed for use in complex, high production environments, where long product lifetime, performance and reliability are essential.
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