BIW Connector System Introduces Replaceable Sealing Element for Rubber-Molded Surface Connectors

    Lesa Smith | 11 Dec, 2017

    Every BIW Rubber Molded Wellhead Penetrator System includes a penetrator, lower connector to connect to the ESP cable below and a surface connector to connect to surface power.  

    When surface connectors are installed, cables are often installed in conduit or are buried in the ground.  It can become time consuming to remove and replace these cables. If Surface Connectors appear to be in good condition, it can be economically advantageous to re-use provided they are safe and sound. 

    BIW has recently introduced a replaceable sealing element for its rubber molded family of connectors that  provides for a way to replace the primary sealing element and safely  re-use the connector safely.  

    “BIW understands the importance of getting the most from your investment and we stand as partners to continue to engineer our products to meet all your needs, “said John Hirsekorn, director of engineering and marketing of BIW Connector Systems.