BIW Connector Systems Introduces k-PaCâ„¢ Technology


Our Groundbreaking, Patented Approach Dramatically Improves ESP System Performance, Reliability and Ease of Use in Harsh Environments

Artificial lift technologies such as ESPs, downhole electrical cable and cable penetrator systems  are expected to operate reliably in the harshest and most demanding environments including high temperature (HPHT) wells, wells containing corrosive gases, steam or thermal assisted gravity drainage wells (SAGD/TAGD), and  ultra-high pressure deep offshore wells amongst many others.

But most legacy ESP electrical cable penetrator systems are not designed to last in these extreme conditions, contributing to increased product failure rates, inefficiencies in production, and ultimately, lost revenue.

Pressure-balanced k-PaC Technology is about to change all that

  • k-PaC Technology meets an urgent need for increased ESP system lifetimes
  • k-PaC Technology is designed to perform for extended lifetimes in conditions in excess of 500 ºF (260oC)  and 20,000 psi.
  • k-PaC Technology is more resistant to rapid decompression and repetitive pressure cycling and protects the conductor against corrosive gases
  • k-PaC Technology is easier to use and install, taking less than 30 minutes for a downhole connector and < 90 minutes for a deep offshore splice and requires minimal technical expertise.


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Download the Whitepaper on the Development of k-PaC™ Technology,
A Patented, Pressure-Balanced ESP Cable Termination
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